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The solution to drive growth and quality of life for your independent service-based business

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Transform your service-based business and embrace agility

As a small business owner, you take great care of your customers and team. We know that you face ongoing risk, challenge, and frustration to make that happen.

  • 73% of a small business is vulnerable to broken processes

  • Nearly half of small businesses fail, often due to lack of structure or process

  • Recruitment, retention, and inefficient workflow are common pain points

The Living Platform to help you standardize training and empower your team.

A quantum leap from existing forms of training, FlowPatterns software

Plug & Play Training

Standardizes best practices so each team member achieves excellence

All-Inclusive Workflows

Integrates across the whole business, avoiding duplication and blindspots experienced using the old way

Seneca Software

Measures success in business outcome metrics, not by completion of a course

Stay Modern

Multiple channels of crowd feedback, maximizing the benefits of training and keeping the training elements on the cutting edge of innovation

FlowPatterns is the real-world solution for your business

Our platform boosts recruiting, training, workflow, and knowledge-sharing.

Start empowering your team with the detail they need to flow.

Download our sample dental practice checklist to learn how a process-focused approach means more productive days.

FlowPatterns Celebrates Community

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Beyond our tools and resources, FlowPatterns celebrates the achievements and contributions of our independent small business expert collective with awards recognition, product discounts, and more.

You wouldn’t build your dream house without a foundation

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