FlowPatterns is modeled on outstanding professional service providers.

Our living platform is refined and sustained by the knowledge of top .1% entrepreneurs.

Becoming a Blueprint Business

The concept of “blueprint” businesses was adapting from the interwoven processes behind a top endodontic practice. We created software that draws from these principles along with continuous feedback, making FlowPatterns applicable all independent, service-based business

The Original Top .1% Practice

Our original model practice, Endodontic Specialists, demonstrated growth and people metrics enabled by following processes and workflows. The practice underpins our first product­­­, Endodontic SuperSystems.

Our Community Recognition

FlowPatterns recognizes the success of our members with awards and community accreditation. Select blueprint businesses may even inform future product releases. Our awards categories include:

Top 0.1% Leader

A business identified in the top 0.1%

Blueprint Business

Legacy businesses chosen as the blueprint model


A business that has met our standards for implementing FlowPatterns workflow


An exemplary team member with an outsized impact on a business

Annual Top 50, 100, 500

A ranking of individual practices / businesses within the community

Do You Know a Blueprint Business?

If you’re a business owner who can enrich our knowledge community, or you know a peer or colleague who could, we’d love to hear from you.

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