The Next Digital Era Will Feature an Intense Human Experience


Aaron Westbury

Senior Consultant

2020 has altered the way business is conducted for the foreseeable future. In addition, many industries were already trending towards one that embraces technology and digitization on a much larger scale. As we progress past the COVID-19 pandemic and get back to normal operations, the impacts are likely to be lasting. This review outlines what you can expect during the next digital era in 2021 and beyond and discusses the human experience in the next digital era. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and what to expect moving forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has made business more difficult as many have had to shift to working from home, staggering employee hours or even shutting down. While the hope is to one day be able to operate without the fear of spreading the virus, it may take some time until we reach that point. In the meanwhile, businesses, especially those within service industries, are likely to make adjustments as government restrictions are lifted, such as doing away with universal working hours, utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) and temperature checks, along with continuing the trend towards the digital age which increased in momentum during the pandemic. 

Scheduling employee hours

As mentioned, scheduling employee hours is likely to look different for a while even after a COVID-19 vaccine is produced. Eventually, having universal hours and your entire staff in the workplace at the same time may be an option. However, the next digital era may never return to the way it once was in regard to scheduling. Instead, you could see staggered hours, reduced office time for employees and more independence in general among employees and staff members. This is due in large part to digitization allowing employees to learn remotely or in a manner that does not require extensive in-person training by executives and managers. 

PPE and temperature checks

PPE and temperature checks are not likely to remain constant after the COVID-19 era is behind us. However, it is worth mentioning as it is likely going to affect businesses for the majority of 2021. Learning how to keep employees and customers safe through safety measures such as wearing PPE, temperature checks and keeping a distance is helpful in creating a workplace environment that all feel comfortable within. 

Advancements in the digital age

The advancements of the digital era picked up speed in 2020. This is, of course, in large part out of necessity due to many places of work having to transition to limited in-person interactions and more employees working from home. However, this trend is likely to continue in 2021 and beyond, especially after many businesses have found digitized processes to be more effective and many employees are benefiting from digital ways of learning, development and carrying out workplace processes. While the human experience will continue to be incredibly important, the increase in technology within workflows and processes is undeniable and certain to be a huge component of the next digital era. 

The benefits of digitization in 2021

Digitization should not be viewed as a burden and a necessary element of operation that your business reluctantly implements. Instead, it should be viewed as a way to continually grow and scale your company, removing the stress of executives and employees alike. Among the most notable benefits of digitization include:

  • Easy to digest information
  • Virtual communication
  • Reduced travel
  • More ways to communicate
  • Efficient onboarding processes

In general, digitization makes life easier for everyone at your company, including the executives and managers. Recruiting and finding qualified talent becomes much easier, and training new and current employees is a much more seamless process as well. Employees enjoy having access to the resources they need to do their job successfully each day without having to constantly be managed. Lastly, customers enjoy the high-quality and efficient service that many companies are able to achieve once they embrace the next digital era and begin to digitize some of their outdated business processes. 

How digitization affects your team/staff

Employees are the lifeblood of any successful business. A team or staff that works well with one another, enjoys the work they do and feels empowered often produces better and more efficient results. This is particularly important in service industries where the reputation and overall quality of the business depend largely on the quality of the service. 

Digitization affects your team or staff by providing them with the knowledge, resources and confidence they need to do their job well. Particularly in the next digital age, being respectful of the customer’s time and being able to provide efficient service and reliable results is essential. Through proper implementation of digital technologies at your workplace, you can better train your team and optimize your workflow and processes. 

The human element in the next digital era

In the past, digitization was used to improve outdated processes. However, businesses can utilize technology to transform their business processes by getting work done in a new way entirely. Technology can be used to make life easier for employees, empowering them and allowing them to learn, develop and do their jobs without the need for constant management from the top brass. 

Despite more technology in the workplace in the next digital era, the human experience will remain as important as ever. Business owners should understand how their employees are to benefit from and interact with the digital technology the office relies upon. To go a step further, businesses should capitalize upon the digital age to better train and develop their employees in general. In other words, the technology should be used as a tool to teach employees work processes. 

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