About FlowPatterns

Mission and Values

We believe in the power of independent small business, notably professional service-driven practices, to grow and strengthen our community and our economy. We believe that professional service entrepreneurs make our community stronger and improve quality of life for our people. We want you to be present in your business, and to have all the resources and tools to fully participate in the life of your business and fully enjoy the business of life.

The FlowPatterns team is committed to serving our communities of professional service providers. We aim to make each small business a more joyful place to work each day. Our ongoing mission is to create a growing, positive and proactive technology-enabled community of expert professionals who run smart businesses and share knowledge with their peers.

Our Team

Our dynamic team is building the FlowPatterns virtual community to help small businesses connect, grow, and succeed through our living platform.

Dr. Christopher Sabourin


Dr. Sabourin received his DDS from the University of San Francisco, one of the top dental schools in the U.S. During his time there he was elected student body president of the dental school. He received accolades including the prestigious Pierre Fauchard Award, as well as creating the school’s undergraduate endodontics certificate program. Dr. Sabourin holds a master’s degree in Endodontics from the University of Washington and a second master’s in human physiology from Loma Linda University. He is a member of multiple industry organizations, including the American Association of Endodontic Specialists. He designed Endodontic SuperSystems to help independent Endodontists. Creating greater efficiency in their practice, so they can get on with the business of life.

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Elba Guillen


Elba has served as Endodontics SuperSystems’ Manager since March 2019 and President since March 2020. In that capacity, she has coordinated the people and processes necessary to complete FlowPatterns and Endodontic SuperSystems projects by measuring project performance using appropriate system, tools, and techniques. Elba manages the company’s contracts with SuperSystems’ vendors, facilitating project delivery by performing risk management to minimize project risks. In addition, she handles necessary research and budgeting to help manage revenue and expenses to maintain the consistent growth of the company as well as leading the development of the company’s short-and-long term strategies. Elba received her BA in Business Management and MA in Leadership and Organizational Studies from Fresno Pacific University.

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