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Our end-to-end platform includes process blueprints, team tools, industry-specific knowledge and data to help you grow and get on with the business of life.

Our FlowPatterns Features


Build a Happy Team

Training team members is time-consuming, as is ensuring their comfort level with all aspects of their role. With FlowPatterns learning resources and clearly-defined tasks, your team will have the clarity they need to perform well and enjoy their roles.


Be the Leader

Professional service businesses are typically managed with the institutional knowledge of one person, often the business owner. FlowPatterns processes and team workflows lift that burden to secure efficiency and continuity for your business.


Efficiency For the Win

Saving time for you, the business leader, as well as for your customers or patients is central to growing a healthy business. Using FlowPatterns for daily workflow means you have time to mentor, interact with customers, and prioritize your professional skills.

Do You Know a Blueprint Business?

If you’re a business owner who can enrich our knowledge community, or you know a peer or colleague who could, we’d love to hear from you.

The Fully Interwoven Business

FlowPatterns gives you and your team access to complete digitized ‘plug-n-play’ process management, resources, and beyond: participation in a knowledge community and a circle of continuous improvement.

  • Process Blueprints

    Combat lost time and revenue through codified process and interwoven role-based flows that help staff to work together efficiently and effectively, embrace growth and leadership, and improve work-life balance for all.

  • Team Tools

    Stop relying on yourself to be a trainer or to handle billing by giving your team 24/7 desktop and mobile access to tools, templates, videos, forms, checklists, and scripts. You’ll have more time with patients / customers and your team will rise to the occasion.

  • Learning & Community Knowledge Center

    Avoid recruitment and retention challenges and strive for continuous improvement with training and onboarding modules and courses. Contribute by sharing best practices with your industry-specific community.

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