6 Ways to Modernize Your Company’s Workflow


Aaron Westbury

Senior Consultant

Modernizing your company’s workflow means you are using more modern approaches to improve your practice’s quality of service and ability to grow. It primarily refers to the implementation of new technology that can help your business improve the efficiency and accuracy of its workplace operations. This review highlights six key ways the top one percent of businesses are obtaining consistent growth through modernization. 

What does it mean to modernize your business?

Business modernization is the process of using modern approaches and technology to streamline your companies operations. It can include automation, empowering employees and using technology to store, analyze and access key information. Notable reasons to consider business modernization include:

  • Recruit more effectively
  • Train employees faster
  • Automate work processes
  • Optimize marketing efforts
  • Optimize collection efforts
  • Manage employee schedules
  • Improve the customer experience

Ultimately, modernizing your business helps your organization run smoothly. This helps your business grow and become more profitable. Your employees are likely to also enjoy having the resources available to make their job easier, and the customer experience should improve through modernization efforts as well. 

How to modernize your business and improve workflow

Every business should assess their weaknesses and determine ways to improve upon them. The implementation of technology is most likely involved when improving weak areas of your company. The following are six effective strategies for modernizing your company’s workflow and organizational structure. 

Protect your business from cyberattacks

Cyber attacks can occur to anyone who stores or utilizes information in an online system, regardless of the industry you are in. All businesses should be mindful of the threat of cyber crimes and have precautionary measures in place to prevent it. Otherwise, you could risk having your customer and employee information getting into the wrong hands. This may be as simple as ensuring you have a sound security protocol in place to protect against cyber attacks. You may also benefit from cyber insurance as well, depending on how at risk your company is to online crimes such as data theft. 

Utilize business management software

Business management software is an innovative way to run your business. It proves structure to your company and can improve the overall workflow. Several areas in which a business management platform can improve your company include:

  • Recruit and hire new employees
  • Train new employees efficiently
  • Improve your work processes
  • Record, track and analyze data

The top businesses are utilizing software heavily to improve their workflow. If your company is failing to sustain the growth you desire, then a practice management platform is a great way to improve the scalability of your company. 

Improve your employee communication

Quality communication is vital to the success of your business. Email is becoming a less reliable way to communicate to others within your company. Instead, consider also utilizing communication platforms such as Slack. This ensures everyone in your company is able to communicate with one another and work together. Quality communication can help your employees feel confident with their work and do a better job in their role. Communication is particularly important as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially if your business is relying more on remote work more than before. 

Use data and tracking to identify opportunities

Data and tracking allow you to analyze your company's financial information and work process to look for areas of improvement. One great way to modernize your company’s workflow is to implement data and tracking technology, which is included in many business management platforms. By doing so, you will have a wealth of accurate data that you can use to make decisions on how to improve and scale your company. 

Empower your employees (avoid micromanagement)

Micromanagement is one of the most common mistakes that young business owners make. This is because it often is ineffective in achieving its intended purpose, leading to decreased performance among employees and poor workflow. Rather than micromanage, companies that are succeeding at the highest level in just about every industry are doing so by hiring qualified talent, training employees the right way and empowering them in their work. This can improve company morale and subsequently reduce employee turnover, allowing for continuity with your staff. 

Focus on employee morale and workplace culture

The state of your work environment tells a lot about your company. A happy team of employees that work well with one another and look forward to their job each day is more likely to be more productive. This can lead to happier customers as well as employees. Several ways to keep your employees happy include:

  • Celebrate the holidays
  • Create fair work schedules
  • Listen to employee feedback
  • Make a calendar of birthdays
  • Reward company achievements

A positive work environment is particularly important among millenials, who generally perform much better through positive reinforcement rather than constant criticism. 

The benefits of business modernization

Modernization of your company’s workflow can ultimately help your bottom line, bui it is about much more than that. Modernization involves improving your work environment, offering the best possible service to provide your customers with the satisfaction they desire and freeing your time up to allow you to enjoy the things you love to do away from the office. Other benefits of business modernization include:

  • Reduced soft costs
  • Productive employees
  • Lower employee turnover

Ultimately, modernized workflow allows you to accomplish more with less effort. What you do with your extra time is up to you. You can focus on growing your company and becoming among the top one percent within your industry or simply reward yourself with reduced stress and more time with family. In any case, taking steps towards modernization is worth the effort. 

Improve your company’s workflow with Flow Patterns

Here at Flow Patterns, we offer business management software. Our software allows your company to modernize your workflow. With Flow Patterns, you can improve your recruiting and hiring efforts, onboard new employees effectively and speed up your business process. For more information about our innovative business management platform, reach out to us today. 

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