What Should We Expect For The Future of Corporate Training in 2021?


Aaron Westbury

Senior Consultant

Corporate training, also called workplace learning, is the process of educating yourself and your team on innovative workflow processes and strategies to consistently improve your business processes. The skills necessary in the workplace change over time, especially as we move towards the next digital age. This review offers insights into what you can expect from corporate training in 2021 and the benefits of focusing on training and development with your business. 

Corporate training trends to expect in 2021

Corporate training in 2021 will be heavily focused upon improving workflow efficiency, learning to integrate technology in the work environment and continuing to improve social skills, among other notable corporate training trends. The following are seven key trends we expect to become a major focus of corporate training as we enter into 2021. 

Improving workflow efficiency

Longer business processes can negatively impact your company in a variety of ways. It can cause frustration for the customer, lead to a delay in your services and longer wait times, make your staff have to work longer and harder and lead to lower quality services. By improving workflow efficiency, however, your customers and team members are likely to have a better overall experience, improving the reputation of your business and reducing employee turnover. The world is fast-paced and continues to head in that direction, and the ability to provide efficient services and have fast internal workflow processes will be a huge benefit to businesses in the future. 

Training that focuses on the individual

Every member of the team has a unique role within your business and may have a different preference for how they choose to learn. Focusing learning and development on the individual rather than attempting a “one-size-fits-all” approach is essential moving forward. While the right training system can ensure your team as a whole is able to learn their role and how their role affects the rest of their team, focusing your attention to help each member of the team individually is highly encouraged. Taking the time to ensure your team members have answers to their questions and are well-prepared for each workday can do wonders for workflow efficiency and improving the workplace environment. 

Digital systems for training purposes

Using digital systems to train employees is becoming increasingly common, and the results thus far among businesses that have utilized technology to train employees are promising. While human skills remain as important as ever (see below), your business can benefit from using a digital system that helps train team members, along with continually training employees how to use other types of technology within the office. When properly utilizing digital systems for training purposes, businesses typically see shorter onboarding times, faster treatment processes, better reviews from customers and lower rates of employee turnover. 

Continuing to focus and improve soft skills

Soft skills are related to interactions with others and personality traits. In other words, these are human traits. There are several notable soft skills that your business should work to improve with team members in 2021, which include:

  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Work ethic
  • Flexibility

Many refer to soft skills as interpersonal skills, although “soft skills” has a broader definition. It is important to continue focusing on these abilities as socialization and people skills will always be important within your business, despite a transition towards digitization and a stronger embrace of the utilization of technology. 

Increased utilization of virtual reality technology

The utilization of virtual reality technology within the workplace is not an essential component and some are still skeptical of its effectiveness. However, when it comes to corporate training, virtual reality can be an incredibly useful resource. This is because trainees and employees are able to go through simulations of what they would experience in the workplace environment without the same level of risk they would experience in a real scenario. This allows them to visualize what to expect and learn from their failures if necessary. Although virtual reality is just starting to become more common in corporate training, this is certainly a trend that is likely to continue in 2021 and beyond. 

Teaching skills for problem-solving and teamwork

It is important to focus your corporate training efforts on problem-solving and the ability to work well as a team to improve workflow efficiency and developing a healthy work environment and culture. This is beneficial in several ways. A team that works well together and solves problems quickly and without conflict often have fast workplace processes, whereas a team that does not work well together could have challenges completing procedures and office-related tasks efficiently. Therefore, similar to what has been important throughout previous decades, corporate training should also focus on team-building exercises and constantly adapt and find ways to improve work processes and workflow. 

The ability to analyze data for improved work processes

As discussed, more businesses are utilizing digital technology than ever before. This allows businesses to accurately record information and make adjustments to their work processes according to the data. To be able to do this, however, your business should understand how to analyze data. This is something you can focus on during corporate training, especially among those in a leadership position.

The benefits of innovative corporate training

There are many benefits to corporate training. In general, corporate training offers the following benefits:

  • Fast onboarding processes
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Empower your employees
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Increase customer satisfaction

The goal of corporate training is to improve your work processes and procedures and provide your team with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed at work each day with little to no management. 

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